AUSTIN, Texas -- A new, indoor competitive sport is joining the Austin scene. Urban Axes will be opening up its doors, a place where players get to throw hatchets at targets for points -- it's taking the concept of darts to a whole new level.

"Urban Axe is an axe throwing facility. We throw axes at targets just for fun,” General Manager Earl Ball said.

Think of it as playing darts, but with a 1.5 pound axe.

"It originally started with a handful of folks in their backyard in Canada,” he continued. “They kind of came up with a game and how they wanted to play it and they enjoyed it so much that they decided they wanted to take it indoors and turn it into a business."

Each member can play with or against others in a group, just aim the hatchet at the bullseye and start racking up points. Ball says Austin is one of four cities to take part in the unique sport.

"A great place for something of this magnitude and a great place for something of this culture,” he added.

And because players are throwing sharp objects, safety is a priority, the entire game is supervised. Players are given instructions before-hand and guided by a special coach.

"Also make sure the customer has the ability to get an axe in the wall,” Ball said.

It’s a task that is much harder than many may think.

Ball gave KVUE’s Nicole Rosales a demo on how players should take form. He says one foot should always be behind the black starting line and grip the axe’s handle firmly.

"We take our left hand take it straight over our right hand, bring our elbows passed our ears, and let it go!” he said.

Urban Axes allows individual walk-ins but also encourages leagues, an easy way to bring the community together.

"People get to enjoy and hang out, have a few beers and enjoy themselves in the process,” Ball added.

The facility allows members to bring their own drinks, limited to beer and wine, which means Urban Axes has a strict 21 and up rule.

Reservations can be made with large groups of six or more, with deposit.

For information on admission, tap here.