Less than 48 hours after voters approved the largest transportation bond in Austin's history, city staff had sent a memo to city council outlining their implementation for the first 90 days and put out the call for a corridor consultant.

"To help us do some of the analysis related to developing the corridor construction program that council wants us to develop," explained Mike Trimble, the City of Austin's Capital Planning Officer.

If it sounds like things are moving fast, it's because they are. Trimble said implementation of bonds typically doesn't move this quickly.

"We're moving at an accelerated fashion. Again we know that we have a pretty large task. Council wants us to shoot for the goal of implementation in eight years," he said.

Austin's transportation needs are great and city staff believe improving the nine major corridors in the bond will make a significant difference. Preliminary studies and resident input is already finished on many of the corridors and unlike bonds of the past, the $720 million bond residents passed Nov. 8 established a contract with the voters outlining the exact projects and programs the money is to be used on.

"I think we all understand that we're going to be on an accelerated schedule and, like I said, just the fact that we're moving forward on some of these early out activities shows that we're doing things a little bit differently with this bond program versus other bond programs," said Trumble.

The City of Austin has created a comprehensive webpage with information on the bond and timeline. GO HERE for more information.