AUSTIN, Texas- An Austin woman was shot and killed by Austin Police after she pointed a gun at officers and refused to drop the weapon.

The officer-involved shooting happened at an apartment complex near the intersection of William Cannon Drive and South 1st Street early Sunday morning.

Police said the woman came out of a breezeway and had a gun in her hand and pointed it at the officers and said, "Shoot me, shoot me, kill me."

According to APD, the woman continued to move forward to where the officers were and disregarded their commands. At that point, two officers opened fire on the woman. The woman went down after being shot, but police said the woman was still moving and the gun was underneath her at which point the two officers called for backup.

Police said after more officers arrived, they began to move in on the woman and she continued to utter sayings like, "kill me," and still had the gun in her hand. One officer then shot the woman multiple times while on the ground and the weapon was taken away from the woman.

APD said officers immediately began first aid until paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital. The woman was pronounced dead about 45 minutes after getting to the hospital.

According to APD, the woman was approximately 26-years-old.

APD said there is audio of the incident, but no video.