AUSTIN, Texas -- SXSW brought in droves of tourists to the Austin area with many of them staying in short-term rental properties.

But not all of the trips went smoothly.

Austin police were called to two different rental properties last week.

Friday morning, shots were fired on Giles Street in central east Austin. The following day, more shots were fired on East Odell Street in north Austin.

Neighbors at both those locations told KVUE that the incidents happened during wild parties thrown by people renting out the properties.

Police said multiple people were injured while running from gunshots at the Odell Street property but no gunshot wounds were reported.

At the Giles Street location, Austin police did not report any injuries in their first call to service.

Police say the two incidents are not connected.

KVUE asked Mayor Steve Adler about the city’s response to the recent incidents involving short-term rental properties.

“The recent reports we had from this past weekend concerning an incident at a short term rental... I'm concerned because shots were fired,” said Mayor Steve Adler. “I don't know that if it was really related or caused by the fact that it was happening in a short-term rental, say as opposed to a street corner, but certainly whenever that happens it's a concern."

Last week, the mayor testified on legislation that would pre-empt cities from adopting regulations on the rentals, and instead, have the state regulate them.

Mayor Adler is in favor of keeping regulation at the local level. The city recently amended its ordinance on short term rentals.

They are phasing out type two STRs; they are owned by someone who doesn't live on the site and are leased for less than 30 days at a time.