AUSTIN, Texas -- More than 800 coffee shops in 41 states have joined for a nationwide fundraiser to help the American Civil Liberties Union, the group tasked to protect refugees and immigrant families.

The idea stemmed from a coffee news website, Sprudge. The company says the White House executive order to temporarily ban people coming into the United States from seven predominately Muslim countries is un-American.

The coffee news site says they will match the first $500 at each café, funds that have already been met at Austin’s Figure 8 and Fleet, in just 48 hours.

"Yesterday was the busiest day in the history of the shop,” Figure 8 staff member Mike Garrido said. "They planted the seed and it was just the catalyst that everyone needed."

Staff members said they were not surprised by the overwhelming amount of support.

“The ACLU gives people a voice that don't necessarily have access to a loud voice,” Garrido said. “We had a customer come in and hand us a $50 bill and say she wanted to pay for the next $50 of coffee for people because it was such a good cause.”

It's a small donation they hope will create a big change.

"And that's what I love about Austin that they have a lot of grass-root efforts to make political change,” Figure 8 customer Jason Ikpatt said. "Every little bit helps."