ARLINGTON -- Garage sales might be a good way to unload some clutter or unneeded items, and there are many treasure shoppers who make a sport out of bargain hunting. But Arlington City Hall will hold a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday to discuss a new proposal limiting garage sales in the city.

The proposal would allow two sales a year per property with each sale limited to 48 hours. Supporters of the proposal said it's aimed at ending “continuous garage sales" at properties which seemingly operate like a small business, bringing customers and traffic into their neighborhoods.

But common sellers like Harley King said limiting garage sales would have a significant financial impact on both sellers and buyers.

“It helps us get rid of things we cannot keep in an expensive storage [unit] and for people like me, low-income workers, it helps us make money,” she said.

Another seller, Terah Bloyen, said many of her customers depend on garage sales for items they otherwise could not afford.

“[Clothes] that would normally sell for $10, I am selling for 25 cents. This is a good way for low-income families to get stuff for their kids," she said.

Both Dallas and Fort Worth have similar ordinances limiting garage sales to two a year, although those cities allow the garage sales to last up to 72 hours.

The Arlington proposal would require sellers to get a permit, free of any cost, to help keep a record of which properties are holding sales.

Fort Worth also requires permits but without any cost. Dallas permits are free for the first garage sale of the year, but $25 for the second.