ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Arlington police department is rolling out a new hotline where drivers can report incidents of road rage.

If drivers are the victims of any road rage incidents they can call the number and leave license plate information and any other details about the encounter.

"We had a similar program some time ago and we had a great response," Cook said.

Once callers report an incident police will look into it and then send a letter to the owner of the car in question. The letter is not a citation, rather it's a warning detailing the dangers of road rage.

The new phone line is a part of a bigger effort to combat what Cooks sees as a growing problem. Earlier this month the department created a task force of more than 100 officers dedicated to looking for aggressive driving and other behaviors they believe contribute to road rage.

The increased patrolling is in response to the shooting death of a 19-year-old Arlington man last month. Police say Dylan Spaid was shot and killed by another driver on I-20 in a case of road rage.

"It makes no sense what someone would have to die," Cook said.

The department says it will be releasing the number soon and will continue to increased patrolling until incidents or road rage go down.

The road rage hotline is 817-459-5389.