ARLINGTON, Texas – She wiped away tears and took visibly deep breaths; Arlington Police Corporal Elise Bowden left JPS Hospital Sunday overwhelmed, both by the support she received, and by what had happened.

"I'm grateful. I'm humbled. I didn’t think I was going to live when it happened, and then I realized I did," Bowden said outside the hospital Sunday.

Late Wednesday, police say Bowden was run over twice by Tavis Crane, a man she was trying to arrest for outstanding warrants. Police say another officer, Craig Roper, who'd made his way into Crane's car, fatally shot the suspect as Bowden lay injured on the ground, with fractured ribs and a broken ankle.

"She's a little bit humble when she says everything’s mended," said Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson. "She’s pretty busted up. But we’re going to make sure she gets all the time that she needs."

While they do that, the department will also be working on-- and facing questions about-- the officer-involved shooting portion of the investigation.

"They want to get to the bottom of why their son, father, brother was killed," said Lee Merritt last week. Merritt is an attorney representing Crane's family. He urged police to release the two dash camera recordings of the incident. Merritt claims witnesses say the car didn't move until after Officer Roper shot Crane.

"There is no question into the sequencing of events that occurred that night," said Lt. Chris Cook Sunday.

Cook, who's seen the recordings himself, says there's no timeline yet on when the videos may be released.

As for Bowden, she said she is on the mend.

"My heart is at peace, I have no anger towards anyone. Life is good," Bowden said.

The mother of eight will work on recovering and returning to the community she's pledged to protect.