A team of Austin police officers has been deployed to help officers in Houston.

Fifty one APD officers left from their training facility Saturday morning on a bus provided by Capital Metro.

Austin Police Department interim police chief Brian Manley said Houston chief Art Acevedo reached out to him during the early days of the storm. Manley said Acevedo asked him for Austin officers to help once the storm had passed.

In Houston, APD officers will double up in Houston police cars with HPD officers.

“Men and women on this bus that are headed out there, have been ready to go since day one,” said interim chief Manley. “They're very excited to get out there. Policing is a brotherhood. As we've seen agencies across the state responding with boats in the early days, we're now honoring the request that was made of us to get out there on the back end and send officers to help patrol the neighborhoods."

Chief Manley said this group of officers will work 12-hour shifts for a week.

"They are definitely going out there to work,” said interim chief Manley. “But they're going out there to help a community that needs help at this time."

After a week, the officers will return home and switch with another group.

Manley said APD is fortunate enough to have a force large enough to send officers to Houston but also keep Austin safe.

"This is what the heart of the servant is about,” he said. “There's 51 men and women on that bus that are very excited to be headed to Houston to help in the time of need."