GARLAND -- Friday, there was a big celebration at Club Hill Elementary in Garland.

"We only have 99 flags out here," said Principal Dr. Gayle Smith as she talked with students who gathered in the gym.

The school was collecting 100 American flags in honor of the 100th day of the school year.

Army Staff Sgt, Ryan Middleton, came in all the way from Iraq for the party. He hadn't been home in 11 months and his son had no idea he'd bring flag number 100.

Middleton's son, Jack, is in kindergarten. He likes drawing and coloring. He also likes to write stories about animals and his family.

Now, he's got a story to tell some day about his hero, his inspiration.

"My dad has it," Jack exclaimed as his dad walked in holding the 100th flag. The pair then gave one another a big embrace.

The last time Jack saw his dad was in October when his baby brother was born.

Friday was a homecoming Jack and others at the school will never forget.

"Sweet boy, did I surprise you?" Middleton said as the pair both laughed.