SAN MARCOS, Texas -- In a packed room at San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District Headquarters Monday, emotions ran high over controversial posts by Naomi Narvaiz.

In a matter of minutes, school board members decided to keep Narvaiz on the school district's Health Advisory Council.

Narvaiz admitted to KVUE last week that she did send tweets regarding immigration and LGBTQ rights. Narvaiz told KVUE she's been transparent about her views, and the negative response to her tweets are from those who "don't know how social media works". She also stated that she respects other's freedom of speech.

The Student Health Advisory Council is made up of about 25 volunteers and is aimed at promoting the physical, social and emotional well-being of students, staff and families.

Narvaiz was just approved to serve on the council.

Narvaiz declined to speak to KVUE Monday.

Several people at the meeting Monday want the Mayor to make a final decision about Narvaiz's role on the council.