DALLAS -- Sherry came to the courthouse for an opportunity she had previously been denied.

She was there to testify before the grand jury. They’re the ones who’ll decide if her attacker should be indicted.

“I just want to get it all out and I want to make them understand what happened to me,” Sherry said.

News 8 isn't revealing Sherry’s identity. She says she was raped.

In late January, News 8 aired a story about Sherry’s case. Sherry says she was raped by a friend's brother in the basement of the student center at Southern Methodist University in September 2015.

"It's not something that I can just get over,” the SMU graduate said in that earlier interview.

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Sherry felt re-victimized by her university's police department and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

She was upset because SMU refused to give her records related to her case. She was also upset because she and a friend, who's a lawyer, were escorted out of the DA's office last year when they tried to find out why she hadn't been notified her case was going to the grand jury. She wanted to testify.

Prosecutors agreed to reopen the case after News 8 contacted top prosecutors under new District Attorney Faith Johnson. They agreed to reopen the case and let Sherry testify to grand jurors.

“I'm just hoping for the best,” she said as she walked into the courthouse. “I feel like my stomach is in knots right now.”

She had a panic attack the night before just thinking about it. She's grateful to Johnson and her second in command, First Assistant District Attorney Mike Snipes, for giving her the chance to share in her own voice what happened that night.

“I'm trying not to set my expectations too high so in case I might get disappointed because at this point no one can really change anything,” she said.

Sherry testified before the grand jury for more than hour. She says that it went well. She couldn't speak further about it due to grand jury secrecy rules.

“I need closure,” she said. “He can't just do this and get away with it. It's not Ok.”

Sherry will soon find out the grand jury’s decision. She's just relieved knowing that she'd done everything she can.