SAN ANTONIO - Police said a woman was arrested after she was accused of beating her great-niece at a family Easter gathering Sunday.

Belinda Abundis is charged with injury to a child, and the incident happened in the 6500 block of Royal Gate Drive on the southwest side.

According to an arrest affidavit, Abundis broke a cascarón on the 12-year-old victim's head and then began to push her arms and chest.

Police said the victim thought Abundis was "playing around" at first, but the altercation turned much more violent.

The affidavit states Abundis pulled the victim by her hair with both hands and kicked her in the shins in an attempt to bring her to the ground.

The girl was bruised and in pain after the attack, police said, and she suffered a headache after her hair was pulled. Family members separated Abundis and the victim during the attack and asked Abundis to leave.

Family members brought the victim to a local hospital, and she was treated for a minor concussion.

Police said it is believed Abundis assaulted the victim due to an "ongoing family feud" between her and the victim's mother.