A local nonprofit is making it their mission to bring a family with two terminally ill children back to their home in La Pryor, Texas. But they need the community's help.

The fight to keep the family's children alive took them to Pittsburgh, where doctors could treat them after 8-year-old Marcus and 6-year-old Mariah were diagnosed with Krabbe Disease back in 2016.

The rare disease is inherited and leads to muscle weakness, diminished thinking skills, and a short life span.

According to doctors, the children can travel but it’s recommended that they stay away from large crowds like those found at airports and restaurants. They say that the possibility of contracting an infection while exposed could be life-threatening.

The restrictions make it difficult to get the family home safely, but the nonprofit Trinity Oaks is taking on the challenge to grant their wish.

They need someone to step up and donate a plane to bring the family home because they can’t fly commercially, but the plane must be big enough for Mariah to move around because of blood clots.

A board member said that if he has to, he will rent an RV and hit the road to pick up the family and bring them back to South Texas.

If you would like to donate to help the family with medical costs or help bring them home, visit the Trinity Oaks website here and make sure to designate your donation to Marcus and Mariah Galindo.