AUSTIN, Texas -- If you added up the drugs and compared it to the calls for help, Austin Police saved hundreds of emergency calls to downtown Austin.

Police arrested 19 people since March for distributing synthetic cannabinoid, also known as K2 and Spice, in downtown Austin.

Those arrests were short-lived. One person was caught two days later with more drugs to sell.

It took two months for lab results to confirm what police suspected — they seized synthetic cannabinoid.

Police promised last month they would track down the dealers pushing synthetic drugs in Austin.

A lot of these men and women are labeled “transient” on the warrants.

Some are Austinites.

It would be hard for investigators to label a dealer. Demographics range widely, according to these warrants.

Amon Simms, 45, is the oldest person wanted.

Kayla Thomas is still a teenager.

Police say Jesus Gonzalez and Justin Jackson had the largest amount of drugs on them when they were arrested. The court documents say it was enough to sell 324 individual doses of synthetic cannabinoid.

Only five of these 19 people are in custody tonight.

K2 arrests info by kvuenews on Scribd