A bill aimed at preventing cyberbullying among Texas children is one step closer to becoming law.

Friday the Texas House of Representatives voted 130-11 to pass Senate Bill 179 which is known as David's Law. The bill is named after David Molak, a 16-year old from the San Antonio area who committed suicide after months of relentless cyberbullying.

Under David's Law, cyberbullying that leads to injury or suicide of a minor becomes misdemeanor. Courts can reveal who the bullies are and public schools have to report the bullying and intervene.

Before the final vote on the House floor, representatives talked about other victims.

"Within the last six months, we've had two young people take their lives as a result of the fact that someone else saw it necessary to make themselves feel powerful by demeaning, demoralizing, driving someone to the brink of extinction," said Representative Wayne Faircloth (R-Galveston). "If we could alleviate for one second the suffering that these families have to endure for the rest of their life, we should do that."

"Each day, hundreds of thousands of kids do not attend school because of bullying because of bullying we have cyber, keyboard cowards that love to jump on social media," he added.

The House made a few changes to the original bill so it's headed back to the Senate for consideration.

Representatives were also set to vote on 121 Local and Consent bills Friday, but members of the self-named "Freedom Caucus," which is made up of conservative and tea party Republicans, killed the entire calendar by getting enough signatures to have all the bills withdrawn.