Kids over at Texas Children’s Hospital showed their support for the Astros Wednesday through song. During their weekly ukulele practice, the kids belted out the words to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

“Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd," Christiana Samuel sang along.

Seven year old Christiana would rather be singing "Frozen."

“Let it go. Let it go," she sang, playing her ukulele.

But only for the day, she’ll make an exception.

“Root, root, root for the Astros," she sang.

She and several other members of her baseball team are healing from their own form of brain injury at Texas Children’s Hospital, but through song and ukulele practice, they learn a little more every day.

“When we’re teaching them the ukulele, we’re teaching them cognitive function that they don’t necessarily get in their normal rehabilitation," Music Therapist Alix Brickley said.

Seven year old Tremaine Henderson can play the ukelele, but his real talent lies in dance, doing his flicky flossy. Yep, flicky flossy - that’s what he calls it. Anywhere and everywhere.

Victoria Barley’s brain injury makes it difficult for her to talk.

“Go Astros!" Victoria said.

But when it comes to singing, she’s a pro.

“Music is processed in a totally different area of the brain than speech so even if we might not be able to speak because that part of the brain is injured, when we sing, we can actually get that coming out," Brickley said.

It’s not just a treat for the patients, but also for the staff members who during the rest of the week, don’t have the opportunity to interact with these kids.

“I love this. This is one of my favorite parts of the week because I actually get to see some patients, put some smiles on faces. It’s great," Systems Analyst Kaitlyn McPartland said.

And while normally they’d rather be performing those Disney songs.

“The cold never bothers me anyways," Christiana sang.

They know Wednesday’s choice was especially important.

“I was singing take me out to the ball game," Christiana said. “For the Astros to win tonight.”

“Go Astros!” Tremaine said.