The former fiancée of the man accused in the deadly beating death of John Hernandez outside of a Denny’s restaurant in Sheldon says he had serious anger management issues but does not believe he intended to kill Hernandez.

Elisabeth Eldridge tells KHOU 11 News she lived with Terry Thompson, whom she and those who knew him call “Bryan,” for 7 years in the 1990s. Thompson was 19 years old, and Eldridge was 29 years old when the pair began a relationship.

“He has anger management issues, but he’s not a bad person,” Eldridge said. “He was very charming and very good looking, so I liked him.”

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Eldridge described instances when Thompson would become jealous and his temper would flare, but insists things never escalated to a physical level.

“We had a pretty good relationship, but when we would go out, to play pool or what have you, if another guy was looking in the direction of me, (Thomas would say), ‘What’re you looking at? What’re you looking at?’ and kind of blow up,” Eldridge said.

Eldridge recalls one incident when Thompson, allegedly stressed about finances, took an ax to the couple’s front porch.

“He got mad and he got a hatchet like an ax and just started going off,” Eldridge said. “But he didn’t hurt any person. He didn’t go after any person, that way. Just anger.”

She tells KHOU 11 News she was shocked when she first watched the news of the May 28 beating and says she does not think Thompson was trying to kill Hernandez.

“I know that he did not intend to kill that guy, and I know it was not racially motivated,” Eldridge said. “To him, if he’s in a fight, it don’t matter who you are.”

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The couple parted ways around the year 2000, according to Eldridge. Eldridge says Thompson joined the Navy and met Chauna Sheffield, who became Chauna Thompson the following year.

Chauna Thompson, a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, and Terry Thompson were charged with murder Thursday for the strangulation/chest-compression death of Hernandez.

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The Thompsons surrendered just before 10 p.m. Thursday to the Harris County Jail. They were quickly processed and were out of jail early Friday on $100,000 bond each.

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