HOUSTON – The wife of Houston terror suspect Omar Al Hardan believes her husband is innocent.

Al Hardan is accused of providing support to the terror group ISIL. He appeared in a federal courtroom in Houston Friday morning.

Al Hardan and his wife, Haenne Al Kokiss, live in a small Southwest Houston apartment with their 10-month-old son and his parents.

"I'm so bad. I'm sick. I can't sleep, I can't eat because my husband is in jail," 18-year-old Al Kokiss said. "I need my husband here with me. I can't."

She is adamant that her husband has no ties to terrorism.


"He loves America. I love America too. He was so happy because he came to America," Al Kokiss said. "He loves America too much. I love American too much."

Al Kokiss said the FBI seized their computers and phones Thursday when they arrested her 24-year-old husband. She doesn't believe they will find any evidence. 

Al Hardan's brother was also shocked to learn about the arrest.

"My family, everyone in my family doesn't like ISIS. I don't like ISIS. Why? Big problem ISIS," said Saeed Al Hardan.

The entire family came to the United States as Iraqi refugees. 

Federal investigators say Al Hardan was radicalized after he came here in 2009.