CONROE, Texas - A teen, who confessed to stealing thousands of dollars of stuff from his boss, is getting a case of curbside justice.

Mark Anthony Doyle, 17, was given a choice, by the man he stole from, to face felony theft charges, or picket for forgiveness.

Doyle was on the curb of a Conroe highway Thursday afternoon in a pink T-shirt, sporting bright pink lipstick, holding a sign declaring, “I stole and lied to my boss!! This is to keep my head right!”

“Just embarrassing and I’m never going to do it again.” Doyle said.

Brent Franklin, who owns Precision Construction, told KHOU 11 News he was paying Doyle between $150 to $200 a day, to work remodeling houses. Franklin was also giving Doyle a place to stay.

While Franklin was out of town, he says the 17-year-old used a company debit card to withdraw hundreds of dollars in cash, then strapped one of Franklin’s Rolexes and went to the beach.

Doyle says, after he confessed to that, he loaded up a TV, speakers and a gaming system from the Franklin’s home.

Everything but the cash has been returned. Franklin said he wanted to offer the option of not going to jail, because he believes everyone makes mistakes.

“I’d hate to see another juvenile in jail.” Franklin said.

Doyle’s deal includes three days of waving his sign on the side of the street. Franklin says he will also allow the teen to keep working for the construction company.