HOUSTON - Get your shopping lists ready, parents - it’s tax-free weekend.

“I am trying to beat the crowds, I don’t want to have to go out for the rest of the weekend,” said shopper Ana Sanchez.

Is it worth it? Well, just listen to these folks.

“It’s good because there’s no tax and you can spend more money,” said shopper, Ethan Martinez.

“Because I spend a lot of money, to save $8 on every $100 is pretty good,” said Zelda Russell.

Just like Russell said, for the next three days you can save $8 bucks for every $100 dollars spent and with back to school just around the corner, every penny counts.

“Especially for a parent who has more than one child, that’s where it adds up,” said Sanchez.

But not everything is up for grabs. Items that are tax-free include school supplies, lunchboxes, backpacks, and clothes and shoes. Which means, mom and dad can take part too.

“Mom needs a new pair of pants or shirt, dad needs new shoes, we’ve got those for tax free, so don’t just treat the kids, treat yourself too,” said Erica Jones, Walmart spokesperson.

Sports items and electronic devices are not on the list. Although, calculators are.

All items must be under a $100 and if you want to avoid the crowd altogether, you can get these deals online too.

Tax free weekend ends this Sunday. If you want to see a full list of items that fall within the tax-free category, just click here.