Super Bowl LI set records for online ticket seller StubHub, according to statistics provided to USA TODAY Sports.

Even though prices for the game were down 12% from Super Bowl 50, StubHub actually sold 20% more tickets than a year ago. The increased volume of sales resulted in a 4% gain in overall sales, making Super Bowl LI the highest-selling single-day even in StubHub history.

“That was something we did not expect,” StubHub President Scott Cutler told USA TODAY Sports. “It was a very active market, and we sold a thousand tickets alone just on Sunday.”

The most expensive seat sold by StubHub to watch the New England Patriots topple the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history was $15,432 in one of the lower sections of Houston’s NRG Stadium. The cheapest seat was sold for $1,500 for an upper-corner seat.

Nearly a third of tickets purchased for Super Bowl LI were bought via a smart phones, the highest percentage mobile sales for a Super Bowl.

“I think the mobile transition was a major reason why we were able to sell so many tickets,” Cutler said.

Super Bowl LI, however, couldn't touch last year's World Series, closed out by the Chicago Cubs in a seven-game series. That remains in the lead for overall sales for a sporting event.