SUGAR LAND, Texas - A new law that bans the use of hand-held electronic devices while driving went into effect in Sugar Land on Monday.

Driver's caught texting or talking while driving could be convicted of a class-C misdemeanor and face a fine of up to $500.

Sugar Land mayor Joe Zimmerman says 68 percent of his constituents approved of the new law.

"This isn't any different than a speeding motorist or somebody running a stop sign," Sugar Land assistant police chief Scott Schultz said. "This isn't something we're going to be actively out there on the streets looking for -- however, when we do encounter it we'll address it at that time."

Police say drivers will be given a 90-day grace period in which those who are caught will receive written warnings.

Police say they will not search or confiscate the phones of suspected violators.

The law will not apply in cases of emergency when the use of a phone is necessary.