While the cars flowing in and out of Fort Bend ISD’s Marshall High parking lot kept crossing guards busy, traffic wasn't the top concern for some parents and students.

“I’m not happy,” said mother Sabrina, who preferred we not use her last name.

She said she’s concerned about her daughter Kayla’s prospects at a rival high school.

“She has AP classes, so I don’t know how that’s going to affect her here. She’s in dual-credit classes. I don’t know how that’s going to affect her here,” Sabrina said.

Kayla, who’s a junior, and more than 1,400 other students should be going to Willowridge High School, but crews are working to clean up mold in 90 percent of the building.

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The mold discovery was made in July and now that it’s late August, Sabrina says she’s frustrated that she hasn’t heard more about how the temporary merger will work.

“I haven’t heard anything and as a parent who works, I can’t take time off to ask the district,” Sabrina said. “I didn’t get a newsletter, I didn’t get anything saying, ‘This is our plan.’”

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For its part, Fort Bend ISD did launch a website devoted to updates on Willowridge’s mold removal. We talked to plenty of students who don't mind the merger, especially since it's only only for a few weeks.

At least one mom thinks the new surroundings could be great for her son.

“It’s a good opportunity for him to meet new people,” said Cecelia Garcia.

Fort Bend ISD says the mold cleanup should be done by the middle of next month, but it will take a bit longer before students are allowed to return.