There's a price for everything in this world. For example, you have to invest time and sweat at the gym to enjoy a more fit physique. In my case, I just recently found out a pickle is a cucumber. The trade off here is I look "less bright" in front of my friends and co-workers.

Honestly, I wish I could say it wasn't true but it is.

Nonetheless, another November cold front is on the way and this time we'll have to endure a line of strong to possibly severe thunderstorms on Tuesday night before we enjoy the fruits of a dry, cooler Thanksgiving.

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As of this entry, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has placed all of east and southeast Texas under a "Marginal Risk" for severe weather on Tuesday evening into early Wednesday morning.

A Marginal Risk represents a slightly enhanced risk of severe weather across the region but will be limited in spacial coverage and intensity. It also means the tornado risk will be small.

A storm system currently digging into southern California will drag a cold front into Texas on Tuesday. With it, widespread snows are expected in the upper Midwest behind the front and out ahead of it, a strong line of storms will develop as the front interacts with the warm, moist air scheduled to be in place by Monday evening over Houston.

The front is expected to enter southeast Texas late Tuesday evening and will rumble through most likely while you are sleeping. In fact, by the time you wake up on Wednesday, the storms should be winding down making for a fairly sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Since this is a Pacific system with maritime origins, the air behind the front won't provide much in the way of cold weather but at least it'll pave the way for tranquil weather for Turkey Day.