WEBSTER, Texas - Before Webster became a city, before the Declaration of Independence, it appears someone took ink to parchment, which is now puzzling police in 2017.

“It looks like there’s contracts. It looks to be legal documents between private parties,” said Webster Police Department Lieutenant Pete Bacon. “Some of them appear to be, perhaps, land deeds. One of them says deposition, perhaps it was part of some sort of lawsuit. The oldest one I have right here, in fact, is dated 1668.”

The protected paperwork was found stuffed in a briefcase that appears to have a bullet hole through it. The briefcase, Webster police said, was found in a motel room a crook rented when police arrested him four years ago.

“At the time of the investigation, we weren’t able to prove ownership of these documents, and we had no one to link them back to, so they sat in our property room,” Bacon said.

The sheets surfaced when the case was closed. Investigators started with a business card for a gallery that appears to no longer be open.

“Some of them appear to be from Aberdeen, Scotland, and a few of them appear to be from, perhaps, Germany” Bacon said. “So technically, by law, we can destroy them. Well, obviously, we don’t want to do that. They appear to be historical, and they have value to somebody.”

WPD hopes to attain more information on the documents and find the rightful owner. If you have any information that could help, contact the City of Webster on Facebook or the police department at (281)-332-2426.