STAFFORD, Texas - The National Weather Service has confirmed what many Stafford residents already suspected -- Tuesday's storm damage was caused by a small tornado.

Mostly businesses, and not homes, took the brunt of the EF-0 tornado, with winds from 65 to 85 mph.

“It was just kind of eerie to watch it happen in front of you,” said employee Eddie Kutach.The rear of Dee’s Plumbing, made of solid cinder block, toppled as an EF-0 tornado passed.

Stafford, Texas - KHOU 11 viewers sent in photos of storm damage after severe weather moved through Houston and surrounding areas on Valentine's Day 2017.

“Within just a minute, the back wall started collapsing and the whole thing just, it just fell,” said Kutach. He and his coworkers tried to hunker down as winds howled.

“Little shook up, but everybody’s good,” said Kutach. You can stand in one spot and see damaged roofs all over the mostly commercial area. Metal siding and insulation was scattered across the landscape.

Aerial Views: Drone 11 surveys Stafford storm damage

Drone 11 flew over a nursery where a number of greenhouses were damaged. The facade at a glass company directly across Murphy Road was shattered by the strength of the storm.

“Lucky enough, there was only one or two employees here,” said owner Andy Yu. “That’s pretty lucky.”

Everyone was glad damage was limited to property, and not people.

“Materials can be replaced, so we’re just happy nobody was hurt,” said Kutach.

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