HOUSTON – Classes are set to resume at St. Francis Episcopal School in Piney Point on Tuesday after a bat invasion prompted the school to close for a day.

Administrators said a worker noticed a distinct odor of bats last Monday. The colony of flying critters were apparently confined in a wall.

The removal process began almost immediately. Wildlife experts created exit routes for the bats to get out.

According to the school, the removal process seemed to be working. However, on Friday, a bat apparently got back in through an open door and swooped down on a student’s hair.

“I’m sure there were squeals involved,” said school spokeswoman Joy Hilley. “We are taking this very seriously. We have communicated with the child who was involved as well as all of our parents, and feel it is totally safe for them to return tomorrow.”

The school said it canceled classes Monday out of an “abundance of caution”. The head of the school spent Monday at Texas A&M learning more about bats and what it takes to keep them gone for good.

Administrators wouldn’t say if the girl who experienced the frightening encounter had to get rabies shots.