There are many signs of fall. Cooler nights, lower sun angle... the time change. But nothing says, "autumn" more than that annoying scratching in your ceiling. Yes, little Brown Jenkins has moved in for the winter.

That little pitter-patter sound -- or perhaps it's more like a pack of chihuahuas -- is a sign that your attic has finally cooled enough to support life. Gone are the days of the 150°F, sun heated crawl spaces. Here are the days where that, "chilly night" beckons all little neighborhood critters to spend the night above your bedroom, in a pleasant 72°F.

Critters loves your home in the cooler months.

This has happened to me...

So, calling around I found that it would cost me [drum roll] AT LEAST ... $2,000 -- "maybe three" -- to trap the varmints. [COUGH! COUGH!] Yeah, no.

So here's what you can do from home:

1) TRAP 'EM and let 'em out far away from your home. Careful not to get bitten, etc.

2) Seal your house. Make sure the entrance they used is plugged up with sealer and stainless steel slats, available at any hardware store.

There are legalities in various municipalities, legislating ways in which you must deal with wildlife so be sure to stay above board and do your research before messing around with it.

Stay away from poisons, etc... too much trouble for what it's worth.

Oh, and wish me luck.


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Meteorologist Brooks Garner