SPRING, Texas - A Houston-area woman who survived the Las Vegas music festival massacre is now thinking of those in Sutherland Springs.

The deadly church shooting happened five weeks to the day after the incident she lived through.

Marlena Hedine lives in the Spring area. She survived the Las Vegas massacre and never expected another mass shooting to happen so soon after and so close to home.

Hedine says she spent most of Sunday crying after reading about the church shooting in Sutherland Springs. It brought back painful memories of the tragedy she lived through just weeks ago.

She watched as a gunman shot hundreds of rounds from a high-rise casino hotel into the crowd at the Route 91 Musical Festival. People around her were shot and even killed.

Hedine knows first-hand survivors of this latest tragedy will need both time and understanding.

“I’ve found that sticking with people that have been part of the same thing that you’ve been through or even were there with you – talking with them, venting, saying, 'Today, I’m not having a good day' – that’s really what has helped most of us, all of us that have been there," Hedine said.

Online support groups are helping Hedine continue cope with what she witnessed and survived, as are two foster dogs she recently brought home to help her and her family feel more safe and secure.