HOUSTON - People don’t usually think of blessings when they think of a house fire, but Candyss Roberson does.

“That’s all I see,” said Roberson. “That’s my purpose. To make sure that I see the blessing.”

It’s what she sees on her job as a Spring ISD police officer with dreams of adopting a young student.

“And that’s where I meant her about two years ago and I’ve been in the process of trying to adopt her.”

That’s why two days ago, she installed several smoke detectors at the home she shares with her mom. It was one of the adoption prerequisites mandated by CPS.

“And I went to sleep in the room and around 11 o’clock I heard one of the alarms going off.” she said.

The fire broke out overnight. She and her mom scrambled to safety.

“And it was flames all over the back of the house. And all we could do was just watch from the street.” she said.

They lost a cat and most everything they own. Friends are raising money online to try and help them out.

“We’re asking anything, any type of donation. Even if it’s just a prayer, that works for us.” said Roberson.

She still plans to adopt the child but the fire has stalled things for a while. Even so, the little girl who’s captured her heart may have already given her the biggest gift of all.

“And I told her today that she’s really a blessing for us. Because had we not gotten those fire alarms and met those standards, we would not be here today.” Roberson said.

If you’d like to help the family out, click here.