HOUSTON -- Around the KHOU 11 Newsroom, Bill Bishop is known as one-of-a-kind.

As for what kind? You're about to find out.

Bishop, the station's managing editor, is one of the few people around to go to both Houston Super Bowls. First as a kid, in 1974, for Super Bowl VIII between the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.

Then, in 2004, as a kid at heart. Bishop coordinated this station's coverage for Super Bowl XXXVIII featuring the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers.

If you think he's one of those people who only cares about the big games, get ready to be amazed.

He cares about every game.

"I've been to every regular season football game in Houston since 1971," Bishop said.

"Except for one game."

Mike Vance is the program director for the The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park, which is now hosting a special exhibit about Houston football. When sports anchor Jason Bristol told Vance him about Bill's commitment to seeing games in person, Vance couldn't believe it. "I can't imagine going to every game," he said. "That's a major commitment.

"(Bishop's) a slacker," joked Vance. "What's the one (game) he missed?"

"It was the Monday night game that Earl Campbell ran wild over the Miami Dolphins, because I was home sick in the bed. I was sick as a dog."

Has he met anyone with any type of streak like that?

"No," Bishop said.

Bishop counted up all the games he's seen since 1971 and came up with 324, including those two Super Bowls.

To recap, Bill's seen Larry (Csonka) and (Tom) Brady; Earl (Campbell) and J.J. (Watt);

Kenny "The Snake" Stabler and the struggles of Brock Osweiler.

And everything in between.

But his passion for football is less about those guys and more about other guys. "I've been asked recently about, 'What's your one memory of the (Astrodome)?' or 'What's your one memory of the game?' It's not one memory. It's all of them together with your father.

And now, there are memories with Bill's family.

"I kind of feel pressure to keep (the streak) up. But we go because we love it."

As for Super Bowl LI, Bill, unfortunately, doesn't have a pass or ticket. He's not going to pay thousands of dollars for a seat, either.

In other words, one-of-a-kind Bill is a lot like the rest of us.

Photos: USA Today Sports Images