DAYTON, Texas – The Houston SPCA says the more than 150 animals seized from animal rescue and adoption agency in Liberty County were transported out of their facility early Wednesday morning.

Those animals arrived on that property during lunchtime in Liberty County.

Last week, investigators seized the dogs, cats and a horse from Puppy-Dogs-R-Us. Liberty County Sheriff’s deputies and the Houston SPCA say there have been on-going investigations into the facility since 2009 and repeated warnings to correct conditions there.

The SPCA says many of the animals seized last week were in quote “poor condition,” so you can imagine the shock and disbelief on Wednesday when a Liberty County judge declared a reversal of the case during a civil hearing.

The judge said there was a technicality on the address listed in the search warrant. The dismissal means the more than 150 animals must be returned to Puppy-Dogs-R-Us within 24 hours of the judge’s ruling.

The sheriff’s office said they will not appeal, but they are vowing to monitor conditions at the facility.

The deputy listed the address of home in the probable cause document that was filed but the kennel next to the home, where most of the animals are kept, is technically a separate mailing address and that was not included.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesman said, "The deputy responsible did not know this 20 acre piece of property was separated into two separate addresses because there’s not a second mailbox visible and not a fence line."

Justice of the Peace Larry Wilburn threw out the case without listening to any of the evidence due that mistake. We reached out to him for comment and are still waiting to hear back.