Maria Cadengo just moved to Miami from Houston for work. Just days later, she's dealing with an enormous storm.

On Thursday, she braved the elements to show us Hurricane Matthew, after being cooped up in her Coconut Grove apartment all day.

Cadengo just moved to the neighborhood this week. During Ike, she evacuated the hotel she was working at near Bush Airport and never thought she'd have to go through another storm so soon.

"I was definitely thinking I picked the wrong time to move for sure," said Cadengo, who spoke to KHOU over the phone.

Pictures she emailed us show businesses boarded up in her neighborhood and the ominous skies overhead, but she's not evacuating.

"I joked about it mid-week that Texas was due for one, and I thought there was no way it was going to develop and be that close to here," she said.

Meantime others struggled to get out of Florida back to Houston.

One family -- who cut their Orlando vacation short -- sent us a picture of their commute on I-10 near Wellborn, Florida. They said it took five hours to commute 160 miles.

"You take a vacation to get away from stuff like this then get hit by something like this," said Rob Kell, who works at KHOU.

He was already in Orlando for a family vacation at Disney World. Even though the park is closed, he's staying and he says so far so good.

"You're used to this type of event and I kind of expect some things that might go on with this," Kell said. "You kind of live with the consequences and see what happens."

Since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the park has only been closed three times all in anticipation of hurricanes. This is the 4th time.