We'll cut the humidity in half by the weekend thanks to a weak cool front, but we're nowhere near the, "real" fall weather here in Houston. Not yet, anyway. So, the only way to tell it's truly fall is to look at the calendar. Specifically, the event calendar!

Maybe it's because that flooding from Harvey has turned everyone upside down, but I find myself asking, "how is it already time for The Fort Bend County Fair, or the Texas Renaissance Festival, or up the Dallas area, The Texas State Fair?" I know intellectually-speaking, there's The Original Greek Festival in early-October, not to mention the downtown Houston Bayou City Arts Festival a week later, but for all intents and purposes, as of the writing of this blog entry, it feels no different outside than it did in July. But alas, here we are... Fall. Or, so says the events log ahead.

Who am I kidding? Every year for the first week of the Ft. Bend County Fair, it's hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch. How hot is that? Hotter than two ticks on a hound dog.

Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)

But there is good news if you're done with the summer weather. The SECOND week of the Ft. Bend County fair seems to almost feel ... like fall. Usually. Here's to lower humidity and more cold fronts!

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