BRYAN, Texas - Some people think it's necessary and some think it's a complete waste of gas, but after talking to local mechanics at B & B Automotive Services, I have found that there could be a bit of fact and fiction behind the myth.

Your motors oil benefits from giving your car a few minutes to warm up because colder temperatures mean thicker oil. So to run you optimally, owner Matt Barnes of B & B Automotive Services says you want to give the oil a chance to thin so it can better lubricate.

"Warming up a modern car for two to five minutes is sufficient enough to get everything working well. So it does help a little bit especially when it drops below 45," said Barnes.

This of course unless your car is hybrid or electric, which in that case you can drive away. Idling your car does burn about 15 miles of fuel for every five minutes of running, but not warming could cost you more in the long run.

Along with warming your car, Barnes also says in these declining temperatures to make sure that your tires are properly inflated.