HOUSTON - New data says Houston is home to the worst traffic congestion in Texas.

It has 44 of the state’s 100 most congested stretches of roadway - that’s probably no surprise to drivers. Topping the list is the 610 loop between I-10 and the Southwest Freeway.

“Even at 3 o’clock in the morning, there’s always traffic, always,” said one driver.

“Just to get a couple of miles down the road, it takes a good hour every day,” said another driver.

It’s far different from when George Varcados first opened his full service Shell station at Memorial Drive. Part of the loop wasn’t even completed.

“Unbelievable, the traffic, was no traffic then,” said Varcados.

The annual hours of delay per mile along that one stretch is more than 1.1 million hours.

“We know the city’s growing, we know more people are coming into Houston,” said TxDOT spokesman Danny Perez.  “We want to address that growth.”

We asked TxDOT, specifically, about what it’s doing to improve the worst stretch. For starters, connectors at 610 and the Southwest Freeway are being modified. And it plans to build elevated express lanes over the existing loop in the years to come.

“So, that will give folks a bypass, to bypass the Galleria area,” said Perez.

It’s an area Varcados has spent years figuring out how to avoid by using city streets.

Click here to see TxDOT’s data regarding the 100 most congested roadways in Texas.