Even Usain Bolt may have a tough time catching these two sprinters from Houston.

Bob Cozens, 80, and Bill Collins, 65, are two of the 244 Team USA athletes now in Perth, Australia, competing at the World Masters Athletics Championships

Cozens, a former distance star at the University of Houston, says Collins, a track All-American at TCU, inspires him.

Would it be as much fun if they didn't train with each other? "Let me answer that first, "I'll be at home and I'll just be dragging and dragging," said Cozens.

Collins, known as 'Superman' for consistently being the fastest person in the world at his age, battled Guillain-Barre syndrome and has come back to once again set more world records.

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Both sprinters believe simply trying your best is the key to success. "You got to make the effort," Collins said.

"And the first thing is, get your shoes on and walk out the door. You do that and you'll accomplish 100-percent of what you need to do."

Pictures used in this story are courtesy of Bob Cozens and Bill Collins.