BAYTOWN, Texas – The search for a missing Baytown teenager is now spreading to Dayton and Crosby.

Vanessa Macias, 17, was last seen at her high school last Tuesday.

On Monday, in a message to students, the principal pleaded for anyone with information to come forward.

Vanessa’s family refuses to lose hope. In fact, they just released more photos of the high school sophomore.

She’s described as quiet with not many friends, a boyfriend or even a cell phone.

She was last spotted by a security camera down the street from Robert E. Lee High School just before 11 p.m. last Tuesday.

When she was reported missing, she was wearing a light blue, short-sleeved shirt under another light blue, long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and white Vans tennis shoes.

She has long, dark brown hair below her shoulders.

<p>17-year-old Vanessa Macias of Baytown has been missing since early last week.</p>

At one point, investigators thought she popped up on surveillance video at Baytown Junior High, but it turned out, that wasn’t the teen.

Vanessa’s family says she struggles with some mental health issues, and last Tuesday, Vanessa had a disagreement with her teacher.

The worry for her extends throughout the city to the campus.

School officials at Robert E. Lee High School issued the following message to employees and students:

As you have likely heard, there is a Lee student, Vanessa Macias, who has been reported missing. Over the weekend, dozens of volunteers searched for Vanessa and, as of this time. We have no answers. There have been various reports of sightings of Vanessa on videos around town, but there are no concrete answers.

It is imperative that if you have knowledge of Vanessa's whereabouts or information that could help her be found, that you alert the appropriate authorities immediately.

As the search for Vanessa continues, we ask that you send Vanessa and her family positive thoughts, and keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

An Amber Alert wasn’t issued, because authorities don’t believe Vanessa was abducted.

And so far, Goose Creek CISD is leading the investigation even though the family wants Baytown Police to do more.

Over the weekend, Texas Equusearch tried tracking the teen on foot and with ATVs.

"Somebody actually thought that she was in danger. They asked who they could call for help, went in their storeroom and came back out and she was gone." said Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch.

Police in Dayton and Crosby now have photos of Vanessa. At this point, investigators are relying on tips from the public and students.

A number of them are pouring in through Crime Stoppers.

Anyone with information on Vanessa’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Goose Creek ISD Police Department at 281-802-7769 or Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.