ROSENBERG, Texas – A sampling of mosquitoes in Fort Bend County has tested positive for the West Nile virus.

According to Fort Bend County Health and Human Service, when an area tests positive for West Nile in a few mosquitoes, it does not always mean there is a high risk of human infection.

County health officials said when an area has mosquito samples that test positive for the virus, Fort Bend County Road & Bridge or the appropriate city department will increase spraying to prevent mosquito breeding until a sample of mosquitoes tests negative for the virus.

Testing is conducted by trapping mosquitoes and submitting the sample to be tested for viruses. Mosquitoes that test positive for West Nile do not necessarily lead to human cases of disease.

There have been no human cases of in the county so far this year.

County health officials encourage all residents, regardless of their location, to protect themselves and family members against mosquito bites.