Leanna Taylor, the wife of Ross Harris stormed off of the stand and out of the Glynn County Courthouse Tuesday morning after she concluded her testimony in the hot car death trial.

"He ruined my life. He destroyed my life. I'm humiliated, I may never trust anybody again the way that I did," Taylor said from the stand as she concluded her testimony. "If I never see him again in my life after this day, that's fine."

Though she was testifying for the defense, she was visibly angry.

Her ex-husband, Ross Harris sat with his fist crammed to his forehead like a shamed, petulant child, refusing to look at her as she admonished him.

"Nothing further, judge," the defense attorney said.

As Taylor was excused, she got up and stormed out of the courtroom, not looking at Harris.

Through the afternoon, a number of character witnesses for Harris, including his brother, took the stand to give positive references for him.

Taylor's long-awaited testimony began on Monday. She took the stand and immediately became emotional when asked to describe Cooper Harris, her 22-month-old son who died in the back seat of his father’s SUV in a Vinings, Ga., office park.

She went on to describe the relationship between Harris and Cooper and how involved of a father he was. She stated they both were equally involved in their son’s life.

When asked about any marital problems between her and Harris, she described the sexual disconnection they experienced within their marriage and when she first began noticing Harris messaging other women.

Taylor also explained why she was unable to cry when she go the news of Cooper's death and how she wanted to remain strong for her husband. "I couldn't cry and I didn't understand why." Taylor stated on the stand through tears.

Much of the afternoon however was spent showing pictures of Cooper as well as home videos taken of him and his father. Taylor visibly appeared upset at the site of each video.

During cross examinations the prosecution asked Taylor about the day of Cooper’s death and her knowledge of Harris’ infidelity, which she claimed she knew little about.

Cross examinations of Leanna Taylor are expected to continue Tuesday.

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