Many in Houston are preparing for the cold snap expected to greet 2018.

That includes road crews and those working to serve the homeless.

TxDOT workers spent Friday spraying what is essentially anti-freeze onto freeways. The stuff should stick around as temperatures plunge.

“We’re treating overpasses, bridges, and some of our high structures as a precaution,” said TxDOT spokesman Danny Perez.

Trucks will switch from spraying brine to spreading a rock mixture if conditions warrant come the new year.

“Obviously at night, if there are any patches of ice, any issues with ice, it could get very dangerous out there,” Perez said.

Winter weather is dangerous on the freeways and for those who may live underneath them or anywhere else outside.

“It’s kind of like walking a tightrope,” said Michael Matlick.

Matlick has been homeless, on and off, for years. He’s currently in a program at the Star of Hope men’s shelter which will distribute coats, blankets, and other items in the coming days.

“Of course, in cold weather, the challenge in the daytime is not too bad,” Matlick said. “It’s at night.”

“So we need blankets, we need men’s coats, we need gloves, we need scarves, we need hats,” said Star of Hope spokesman Scott Arthur. “To give them the gift of warmth.”

It’s an essential need as the Houston area prepares for some very un-Houston like weather.

Shelter officials say they’re prepared to house more than their normal amount of people during what is considered a “cold weather alert.”

Meanwhile, TxDOT crews will be on standby through the beginning of the new year.