HOUSTON - Neighbors living near White Oak Music Hall are suing Houston City Hall.

The attorney representing the residents says that the mayor has made countless promises to investigate the venue but nothing has happened.

Residents hope the lawsuit will force the city to enforce the sound ordinance, because the loud music is keeping them up at night.

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White Oak Music Hall released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

The plaintiffs have revised their lawsuit against White Oak Music Hall to include the City of Houston. This latest legal maneuver is disappointing, as White Oak Music Hall believes that both the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department have faithfully fulfilled their obligations to respect both the rights of nearby residents and White Oak Music Hall in a fair and impartial manner. The City of Houston and the Houston Police Department remain important gatekeepers against the plaintiffs’ strategy of making frivolous emergency calls for service to prop up their case, which directs police resources away from real emergencies. The current case is not a class action, and remains a small number of individuals in a neighborhood of hundreds of households, many of whom strongly support White Oak Music Hall. Contrary to reports stating otherwise, White Oak Music Hall has had two trials regarding noise tickets, one of which resulted in a not guilty verdict rendered by a Houston jury, and the second a mistrial due to impermissible testimony from a prosecution witness. White Oak Music Hall is entitled to an impartial jury trial by its peers, and will continue to defend itself against all of the plaintiffs’ allegations. White Oak Music Hall will continue to work with the City of Houston to create a venue which adds cultural, aesthetic, and infrastructure benefits to the area, and in the meantime, all of our shows, both indoor and out, will continue as normal.