Our rain chances go way up at the start of next week, as tropical moisture surges in from the Gulf associated with the remnants of Tropical Depression #4. We won't see any appreciable increase in winds with this system, but we will see more numerous downpours -- and some could be especially torrential, with 3"-4" per hour. Inevitably, this will lead to pockets of street flooding in poor or prone drainage areas. At this time, it looks like our best chance for the scattered soakers will come Monday, with a slow lead-up through the weekend, with rain chances possible each day.

This computer model depiction illustrates a high pressure zone likely to strengthen next week, forcing our temps up while reducing our rain chances. After a soaker to start the week, this drier scenario may be welcomed by many, despite its heat.

By the middle of the week, rain chances will begin to retreat as high pressure forms over a huge chunk of the southern USA, squashing many storms before they can form and sending our temperatures back into the mid 90s.

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner