HOUSTON - The half-mile strip of access road from Eleanor Tinsley Park to Taft Street averaged one car break-in every other day in April.

KHOU 11 News crews noticed shattered tempered glass littering parking spots around the park in early April. According to www.crimereports.com, there were 15 car break-in thefts between April 1 and May 1. We called Crystal Moctezuma after requesting her police report from April 5.

“Well, the unexpected happened,” said Moctezuma. “I was robbed.”

She says her purse was hidden under a seat, but it didn’t prevent a thief from smashing her window and grabbing her purse.

“I lost my purse, my cash, credit cards, debit card, I.D., [and] house keys,” she said. “You would think with [the] parking lot expansion, security would have been increased."

Houston Police Department’s Tracy Hicks is a sergeant in the auto theft and grant unit.

“We’ve ran some undercover operations out here,” said Hicks. “We set out some bait vehicles.”

Last week, Sergeant Hicks’ unit arrested two people breaking into cars around Buffalo Bayou Park.

“We’ve seen a little down tick in the numbers since those two are off the street,” said Hicks.

Recently, The Buffalo Bayou Partnership started posting signs about hiding personal belongings when parking. Sergeant Hicks says if you must bring personal belongings to the park you should conceal them before arriving.

“The best, obviously is to leave it at home,” said Hicks. Advice to avoid becoming a victim is a lesson sometimes learned the hard way.

“Now that I frequent the park I leave my belongings at the house,” said Moctezuma.