Protestors with very different opinions found each other at Texas’ only Pride-themed intersection Friday night to loudly discuss their differences.

Fewer than 10 religious activists held anti-gay signs while shouting verses of scripture at the Montrose intersection of Westheimer and Taft. On the other side of the colorful intersection was prideful opposition.

"Biblically speaking, if you go by what the Bible teaches, the love of God is offered at the cross," said David Stokes with Bulldog Ministries. "Hellfire is the vengeance of God for eternity. The individual chooses, and that's what we teach, and that's what we go down and proclaim to this neighborhood."

About a dozen people gathered to hold a counter protest. That group held rainbow flags and included one person dressed as a unicorn.

"If they (the protesters) weren't out here, I wouldn't be out here making awesome friends with these people and dancing and listening to Cher," one counter protester said. "So they serve a function, which is to remind us all to be strong and be proud and not bow."

This protest comes on the eve of Houston’s Pride Parade, one of the largest LGBT celebrations in the country.