The weather finally got it right for once: it's hot as a witches brew and dry as a bone outside. What do you say to that? Boo!

The weather is crazy right now and we're becoming in dire need of some rain. Thankfully, I think we're going to get some along with some cooler weather too.

The month of October usually offers us relief from the oppressive summer-time heat. It's the month when we can open the windows and shut off the A/C that's been on since...well, probably last October. This October has been oppressive in and of itself.

Not only has it been hot but it's been incredibly dry. So far this month, Bush has only recorded measurable rain on three days, and all three days account for a paltry .14 inches of rain. Heading into Halloween, we are down 5.23 inches for the city and almost 8 inches if you include September.

It's no wonder the drought monitor now shows most of southeast Texas in the abnormally dry category with some pockets approaching moderate drought levels.

I do have good news however and no, I'm not going to save you any money --- unless it really is on your A/C bill: rain is on the way and so is cooler temperatures.

The above tweet is how I currently feel about the prospect of getting some legit cold air in here. I'm really put out about it. Borderline aggravated.

More on the cool air in a second.