ROSHARON – Online threats against clowns are scaring men who make a living in clown costumes.

They call themselves “creepy clowns” who only scare because they care. “Skeet” and “Rellik” work for Creepy Hollow Haunted House.

For the last five years and counting, they haunt for charity. They also cuddle babies, deliver Christmas gifts to families in need and cheer up kids being bullied.

However, recent online chatter have the duo hiding behind their costumes too afraid to give their real names. They said recent clown-related threats against children have people ready to hunt men in masks.

“There are people out there, friends of mine, online saying oh we’re going to shoot a clown,” Skeet the clown said. “I’ll shoot a clown.”

“I’ve had a couple events that I was going to make appearances at cancelled because the event organizers were afraid of the negative connotation of having a clown associated with the event,” Rellik the clown said.

It is why Skeet wears a t-shirt with the message: #clownlivesmatter. They want to put distance between their creepy humor and criminals.

“I want people to know that clowns aren’t like this,” Skeet said. “It’s just a bunch of people who decided they want to portray a clown and they’re doing it in the wrong way.”

So, while they try to focus on serving Halloween fun their clowns remain haunted by other people’s fears.