HOUSTON -- It’s official, one of the most eligible royal bachelors is now off the market.

Prince Harry is engaged!

The palace announced Monday that he and his fiancée, American actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle are soon set to be married.

It’s news that’s breaking hearts all over the world, including right here in Houston.

And as some women began mending their broken hearts, most say they’re thrilled to hear the royal heart-throb will take a bride.

So, here’s how the royal romance began.

Prince Harry, 33, began dating the 36-year-old Hollywood actress low key late last year, but they didn’t make their first public appearance until this year in Toronto.

It’s where Los Angeles native Markle has been living while starring in TV series, “Suits.”

It’s being said she’s leaving the show to take on a new role. As it now turns out, it’s to become a real-life princess, once she marries the young prince, who’s fifth in line to the British throne.

It’s news that’s got everyone around the world buzzing.

“I’m pleased for him, I think he’s lived a great life, setting a great example to others, doing a lot for the people, and just really happy he’s going to be happy, I hope it works out,” said Andrea Attard, who’s from Liverpool.

“I was surprised with his choice, but hey, no judgement, to each their own,” said Lilly Lazarus, who used to live in London. “He seems happy that’s all that matters.”

“I think he’s met his match, looks like it, she’s American, he’s British, which brings the two together,” said Guy Streatfield, who owns British Isles, an America/Irish retail store in Rice Village. :I married an American and did very well there, it’s an exciting thing.”

“I was just very upset, because he was obviously my favorite, and yeah, that he chose a different American woman than myself,” said Darenda Weaver, a fan of Prince Harry.

The royal lovebirds are set to wed in the spring of 2018.