Officials are turning the power off in homes that have standing water near the reservoir releases in west Houston, but some homes which didn’t flood also had their power turned off.

On Monday morning, officials said the power had been turned back on, but prior to that there were many complaints.

In the Wilchester Lake Subdivision, many resident sat in the dark.

"I called Centerpoint and told them that my power had been cut and that it was by mistake because not only am I not flooded but I am not even in the red zone on the evacuation map," said Dan Alford, a resident.

He says the company told him to "wait patiently." Other neighbors were told the same thing and that they would need approval from the City to get the power turned back on.

"Apparently the new policy is you're flooded until proven dry," said Alford. "I think we ought to reverse that."

The crazy part is that in nearby homes that are flooded, the power seemed to be still working.

Alford believes the problem is "lack of communication, lack of organization and bad planning"

The mayor says to call Centerpoint if your home is dry, but your power is off. He also says it is okay to stay in your home.